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TIGER HEAD company visited Southeast Asian market

  In response to the national "Belt and Road" policy, and promoting the sales of Tiger Head products, Tiger Head company visited the Philippine market and participated in the Indian Electronic Exhibition from November 8th  to 18th providing strategic directions for further market expansion, and support for marketing implementation, and displaying the corporate image to help brand promotion.
  Tiger Head  company visited Davao and Manila markets in Philippines. The sales of dry battery in Manila is good. With client’s local high-quality channel resources and the effective marketing strategies and publicity materials of Tiger Head company, Tiger Head battery has become a household name brand in Manila. However, the sales in Davao market is relatively slow, and the popularity and market layout are not as good as Manila. During the visit, it was also found that the dealers also have deficiencies in warehouse management and battery display. The visiting team put forward the rectification plan on the spot and shared the domestic successful experience.
  Motorcycles are almost the standard configuration of every Filipino. Tiger head company visited the motorcycle battery market, and learned that local consumers are more likely to recognize Tiger head battery quality. Local retail mainly through car repair shops, and car repair masters are an important factor affecting purchase. This enabled Tiger Head company to clarify the marketing direction of motorcycle batteries, focusing on the terminal, building a good reputation firstly, and drawing up a complete and easy-to-understand motorcycle battery knowledge manual for professional training. In addition, Tiger Head company also conducted market research on new items such as flashlight, mosquito coil, washing powder and socket, providing strategic support for new products of Tiger Head company of entering the market.
  In India Electronic Exhibition, most visitors are local wholesalers, and the products inquired are mainly motorcycle batteries and lead-acid batteries. Through the conversation with clients, we learned that the brand Hi-Watt 9V battery of Tiger Head company is well-known in the local market, but the fake products continue to hit the market, resulting in customer complaints, and the sales volume is decreasing day by day. Therefore, it is imperative to promote the market of Hi-Watt brand and fight against counterfeiting. During the exhibition, Tiger Head company also visited the local market to learn the market situation and trend of dry battery and VRLA battery, so as to prepare for further expansion of Indian market.